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Theft And Burglary

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Burglary charges in Illinois, no matter what the circumstances are, should never be taken lightly.

Successfully defending charges of burglary requires an aggressive strategy that knows when to seek a favorable plea bargain with the prosecution and when to take a case to trial and force the government to prove its claims. Knowing how to proceed comes only through experience, and at my firm, clients in Southern Illinois benefit from my more than 15 years of experience exclusively in criminal defense. I am both a skilled negotiator and veteran trial attorney, which is exactly what you or your loved one needs when facing these serious charges.

Never cooperate with prosecutors until you have spoken with a lawyer about your rights. Call my Belleville office at 618-509-9724 for a no-fee case consultation.

The Consequences Of A Conviction Can Be Severe. Turn To My Firm To Avoid Them.

Most burglary charges in Illinois are class 2 felonies. This means that a conviction can result in three to seven years in state prison and a maximum $25,000 fine. Some burglaries, however, may be considered class 1 felonies, which carry maximum prison sentences of four to 15 years.

In addition to these penalties, a criminal record — especially one that involves crimes like theft and burglary — can make it impossible to hold down employment, which can have a truly devastating effect on people's lives. By entrusting your case with a qualified Belleville defense attorney now, you will be giving yourself the chance to have your charges dropped or reduced to ones that are much less likely to affect your life now and down the road.

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