Defending Shoplifting Charges In Illinois

Maybe it was a simple misunderstanding. Maybe it was a one-time, regrettable mistake. Whatever the circumstance, you don’t deserve to live with the lifelong consequences that can come with being convicted of shoplifting in Illinois.

Attorney Madelyn Daley founded our criminal defense practice on the idea that good people who make mistakes – and good people who are the victims of police mistakes – should not have a conviction follow them around for the rest of their lives. Using over 20 years of negotiation and trial experience, along with extensive knowledge of complex criminal law issues, she helps clients find practical ways to deal with criminal charges whether that means getting them dropped entirely, reduced to lesser charges or fighting the government’s accusations in court.

Investing in an experienced lawyer now can pay off in the long run by avoiding the penalties that come from a conviction on charges that could have been thrown out of court or reduced. Call 618-509-9724 to discuss your case.

The Strategy You Need to Resolve Your Charges Successfully and Quickly

No two cases are alike. That means the best way to resolve your case may not be the best way in another case. The advantage of choosing an experienced Belleville defense attorney is having someone who will do what is in your best interest.

Many retail theft charges can be challenged by looking at what led to an arrest. Did security have a valid reason for stopping you? Did they violate any of your rights when searching or detaining you? Was the store engaging in any questionable practices, including profiling? These missteps can spell doom for a prosecution, meaning we can often help our clients get their charges dropped completely.

At the same time, many cases have to be negotiated for a plea bargain or even taken to trial. Our attorneys are never afraid to bring your case before a jury. We also know that for first-time or low-risk offenders, alternative adjudication programs may offer them the best opportunity to move past an incident quickly. We will work with you – and whenever it benefits you, the prosecution, too – to bring your case to a positive outcome in as little time as possible.

One Mistake Does Not Have To End In A Conviction. Contact The Firm Now.

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